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Discover the special program dedicated to
at the Désalpe de Charmey 2021

This program, broadcast live on Saturday September 25, 2021, highlights the passage of herds.

A varied program for the whole family

Experience a strong emotional moment around the passage of families and their herds during the special broadcast.

Informed comments from various speakers accompany these images, to understand the importance of this tradition in several aspects: economic, cultural, regional.

Viewers also discover local crafts and benefit from the folklore activities planned to enhance the television content.

A second consecutive cancellation of the
Desalpe de Charmey

In view of the health measures for autumn 2021, the Charmey Desalpe Committee was once again obliged to cancel the traditional Charmey Desalpe.

Luckily, the event was able to survive thanks to the valuable collaboration established with

Radio Télévision Suisse and the various actors who made this live broadcast possible.

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